Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is Monogamy A Myth? Part One

Infidelity and the temptation of it are not uncommon themes in literature. My writings are included. The theme of The Man Test is discovering infidelity. I've always been fascinated by the psychology of lying and how we can be so deceitful. Trying to uncover one of the most of unforgivable acts of deceits, I came across infidelity,which is the act of being sexually and/or emotionally unfaithful. 

I find this subject extremely fascinating. Why are people, particularly men, unfaithful? What causes it? Can it be prevented? Is the act of infidelity really so black and white? This series of questions and research led me to the ultimate question, because we know that women can be unfaithful too. Are humans made to be monogamous?  

Check out this video by sex columnist Dave Savage that I really enjoyed and let me know your thoughts. I'll share mine in a later post. 

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  1. I absolutely get that attraction to others is going to happen when you're in a relationship. But I think jealousy is a natural response when you're partner is attracted to someone else. My own rule is, we can both window-shop, so long as we don't inquire about prices, availability, or touch the merchandise, and under NO circumstances do we do it in front of each other.