Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Small World Happenstance

It’s no surprise or coincidence that life is full of surprises and coincidences. Okay, I don’t really believe in coincidences. And though I’m a writer, I couldn’t have made this up. Let me explain…

I just returned from visiting my hometown of San Diego where I stayed with my new friend who is also my old neighbor. Back in April, I attended a conference in Florida at the Florida Nature and Culture Center. I was there with friends and saw many familiar faces, and I was quickly introduced to a new one. At least, I think you can call it a new one. Her name was Samantha and there was something familiar about her. A significant connection perhaps? I couldn’t place it in the moment and finally decided that she resembled my favorite singer Sara Bareilles.

I was partially right, as she was also a fan. That evening we found ourselves in the main hall playing Sara B. on the piano. So yeah, I liked her right away. Later that weekend, I learned she had been stationed in a neighboring city and knew many of my friends. She even attended some of the same events that I did, but for some reason we never crossed paths. Through more conversation, I found out that she grew up in the same San Diego neighborhood that I did. Finally, I asked her what street she lived on and guess what? We lived on the same street!

Samantha and I googled our old addresses and realized that not only had we lived on the same street, but lived next door to each other for almost four years and didn’t know it. On top of that, we dated brothers at different times as teens. Coincidence? Hmm…

She is about four years younger so we never attended the same schools. Neither of us really remembers each other. I do remember her cute little white dog getting into our yard a lot. Funny…I have a cute little white dog now. She remembers stealing lemons from my backyard lemon tree. So this is a legitimate story.

After learning all of this, I realized the connection I felt to her wasn’t so much about Sara Bareilles, but something bigger. The universe clearly wanted us to meet and tried several times to bring us together, but it wasn’t until a conference in Florida that we finally connected. We got along so well, but it made me sad to know that we missed out on sixteen years of friendship. That’s why it was great to spend some more time with her in San Diego where she currently resides. We visited our old neighborhood and met the young gentleman who lives in my old room. The neighborhood has changed and our old houses are sporting new paint, but being there with her was an amazing experience.

She has been a wonderful addition to my life, and I look forward to our growing friendship. It really is a small world. In the meantime, I wonder what else or whom else the universe has in store for me. How many others have been set along my path that I’ve missed?

I’m sure many of you have a story like this. Please share it with me.

This is me in front of my old house. I love this house.

Samantha and Me
This backyard used to have a lemon tree and no grass.
I like the new white picket fence.

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