Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Book Is Better Than The Movie!!

The Man Test, my first book, was originally written for the silver screen. But I had SO MUCH more fun writing the book. When I decided to write a sexy romance series, I dusted off the first screenplay I ever wrote when I was only 18! It was a sweet romance about Kate (a fashion designer) and Andrew (a London photographer) called If You're Not The One.

But the book is WAY better than the movie. In Lingerie on the Floor, I turned the sweet into sexy, shortened Andrew to "Just Drew," gave him two sexy older brothers and a gorgeous London penthouse.

Living in Drew and Kate's world was so much fun. I think you'll love it too :)

I have a passion for lacy designs. But my lingerie business is in trouble. If I don’t find an investor before I return to L.A., I’ll be forced to close my London boutique. The good news is the top fashion magazine wants to feature Kate Golden Lingerie in a double page spread. The bad news—they want me to model my lacy thong.

How can I say no? I care way more about sexy lingerie than I do about love, until him . . .

Drew, the insanely hot photographer I keep crashing into. I can’t help myself. He drove me wild during our boudoir photo shoot. Those eyes. That delicious mouth. The way he feels between my legs when I’m riding on the back of his motorcycle. I know, he’s a rich, bad boy, who only dates models. Sooo not my type. I’m not his either. But we can’t keep away from each other, even when we try . . .

And you know I've got somethin' fun for you too! I'll be giving away a copy of The Man Test audiobook from Audible and you'll get an advance copy of Lose Your Shirt, book two in the Londonaire Brothers Series.

The giveaway ends on Tuesday, July 4th at Midnight ET and the winner will be announced on July 5th!

I can't wait to hear what you think about Lingerie on the Floor!

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