Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy October Everyone! Sorry I've been out of touch. The Commitment Test has really tested my commitment to writing. It may be the most difficult book I will ever write. But It's almost done!
Today is October 11th, which means it's time for the Seven 11 Blog Hop.
Here's seven lines from my upcoming novel, The Commitment Test, the sequel to The Man Test.


“You’re a Derm now?” I asked.
“Yeah, cosmetic.” His chest welled with pride. Great, his chemically peeled skin hadn’t aged a day, and I was using department store eye cream. I didn’t even know why I still used it, it doesn't make a difference.
“Don’t worry, I wore sunscreen,” I said with a nervous laugh.

And there you have it, Lovers!

IT'S BONUS TIME! Here are the links to 7 other AMAZING authors who have agreed to share seven lines from their upcoming books. Get a behind the scenes glimpse of 7 stories!

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