Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet My Publisher

I'm so excited to announce that The Man Test will be the first title published under the new collaborative publisher, Elephantine Publishing.

That's not all . . . I'm also a co-owner of this new publisher. It was magical the way it started. I LOVE publishing. I mean, I'm CRAZY about it. When I decided to take my destiny in my own hands and publish my first novel, I knew I wanted to create an actual publisher.  However, I didn't think I could do anything with it until much later in my life.

Then, my friends and fellow authors, Sara Panek and Heather Hildenbrand, decided to partner with me and start the company. Since then it has been an incredible whirlwind. It's amazing the synergy the three of us have together. Everything seemed to be aligned. In fact, when we got our LLC agreement notarized, there was a card holder on the front desk with little elephant heads on each end. A clear sign it was meant to be.

Elephantine is open for business! Learn more below and don't forget to buy the first Elephantine novel, The Man Test, on March 25th.

The Elephantine Story 

While sharing marketing tips and discussing cover art, independent authors Amanda Aksel, Heather Hildenbrand, and Sara Panek all came to the same conclusion; wouldn’t it be great if there was a publishing house that offered all the resources of traditional publishing, while still allowing the creative freedom of independent publishing? They set out to create their vision, and Elephantine Publishing was born.

Elephantine is a collaborative publisher. Our goal is to partner with you to turn your love of writing into a successful career for years to come. We work side by side with our authors through every step of the publishing process to create a unique and professional title to share with the world. Using strategic marketing, we provide our authors with industry tools and resources to build readership and grow sales.

Our aim is simple. We seek to provide access to all stories worth telling, whether or not the words fit into a neatly labeled box. Words that resonate in your bones. Stories you’ll never forget.

Connect with Elephantine Publishing at www.elephantinepublishing.com 
Twitter: @ElephantinePub

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